Educational Programs

No matter your current skill or comfort level with technology, VisionLink can expand your digital and technological literacy to help you overcome challenges, and expand your ability to learn, communicate, and engage in everyday life in the digital world.

Assistive Technology Classes

Our online classes aim to help you connect to the digital world and to get the most out of your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone. You will learn these skills on a step-by-step basis at your own pace. They will expand your ability to live independently and to connect to the internet community, using the latest applications available.

Whether you seek introductory classes or more advanced learning, we provide instruction for:

  • Making the most of Apple’s iOS operating system or a Windows-based platform
  • Using accessible software like the JAWS screen reader, ZoomText magnification software, Apple VoiceOver, and Optical Character Recognition
  • Navigating a keyboard, using email, and accessing the internet
  • Safely navigating the internet and using it responsibly
  • Using the Microsoft Suite and other software

With our classes, you will get the most out of the assistive devices you already have, and be confident to access technology and the digital environment. If you are in need of a new device, you may be eligible to obtain one through our Philadelphia Lighthouse of the Blind program, which can provide funding for eligible individuals.

Orientation & Mobility Training (O&M)

This personalized instruction will help you gain the sense of freedom that traveling with a white cane can provide. O&M is provided through one-on-one instruction with skilled trainers according to your individual goals and abilities. Exercises with peers build skills and techniques you can use at home, out in the community, or at work. You will learn ways to increase awareness of your surroundings, which provide the cues and information you need when you are on-the-go. You will also learn how to navigate the regional public transportation system so you can travel where and when you want.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) & Independent Living Classes

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy provides training in the use of compensatory skills and assistive technology that will enable individuals to live safe, productive, and independent lives. Personal and Home Management courses are goal-oriented and focus on building concrete skills. You can advance at your own pace upon achieving proficiency in a particular set of skills. Using a combination of classroom-based instruction, participatory workshops and one-on-one tutorials, we work with you to master hard and soft skills of daily living and provide you with the opportunity to practice the skills.

Using non-visual techniques, you will develop home and personal management skills to adapt to your own lives:

  • Prepare meals for yourself, family, and friends in a safe and efficient manner
  • Clean and care for your home
  • Identify items in the refrigerator, pantry, and closets
  • Create household organization methods
  • Manage time and calendar
  • Identify currency
  • Budget
  • Wash and care for clothing
  • Identify medication

Please note VisionLink is offering a majority of its core training online.  In person opportunities are being provided at select community partner locations and medical centers.

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VisionLink clients can participate in any of our educational programs!

Email Lee Cannady, our Manager, Enrollment and Referral, or call us at (215) 627-0600 to participate.

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