A Bridge to Independence

If you or someone you know is experiencing vision loss, we can help.

VisionLink is a training center that connects people with vision loss to the resources they need to live their fullest lives. Through training, educational and enrichment programming, and in-community partnerships, VisionLink strengthens access to care and supportive services based on individual goals, work that also contributes to a more accessible city and region.

We provide classes and training in home management and adaptive technology and serve as a link to enriching arts, cultural and community activities in partnership with organizations throughout Philadelphia. We also connect people with regional agencies and resources for help navigating issues related to health, housing, employment, education, transportation, and more.

VisionLink: Connecting People with Vision Loss to Resources for Life.

Getting Started with VisionLink

If you or someone you know has low vision or blindness, explore the range of VisionLink classes and programs that can provide support, education, and access to resources. From mobility training and life skills classes to using technology, connecting with community-based activities, and more, VisionLink can help you strengthen your independence and confidence.

Our Programs

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Refer a Client or Patient

VisionLink welcomes the opportunity to support your clients or patients with low vision or blindness. Whether they are experiencing new diagnoses or have lived with vision challenges throughout their lives, we can help support an independent, fulfilling lifestyle, according to their individual goals and interests.

Refer a Client or Patient

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