At-Home Resources and Support

With the temporary closure of VisionLink’s offices and classrooms, we are pleased to be bringing you this special web page of Stay-At-Home Resources and Support.  In addition to the continuing outreach and training that VisionLink staff members are conducting (see VisionLink Resources below), we are curating for you a variety of activities, games, educational resources, and links to important community-based resources.  We will keep updating and adding to these pages, so check back often! 

While operating remotely, we are thankful our virtual platform has enabled us to continue our education programs, establish creative enrichment opportunities, and also continue our social and support groups. 

Programming includes:

  • IOS VoiceOver Accessible App Workshops
  • iPhone, Amazon Alexa and smart phone application training
  • Braille instruction
  • Health speaker series and diabetes information & support programs
  • Men and women’s peer support groups
  • Self care, yoga and trivia
  • Keeping Up with the Times current events group
  • Orientation without mobility training
  • Home management classes
  • Computer instruction
  • And many more

Please click here to review our full schedule for the current quarter. If you are interested in any programs, please contact Director of Participant Engagement & Outreach, Lexi Jones at

  • If you need support, please call (215) 627-0600, and you will be directed to the appropriate person.  Also please know that our staff is working daily to provide regular outreach by phone to check in on our VisionLink family.

Additional Resources:

A man sitting on a bench using speaking to his phone while wearing ear buds.
Explore a variety of activities on our “Activities and Support at Home” website page to try at home like arts and crafts, audio books, or fitness classes with the link here.

Webinars and Conference Calls

Activities and Support at Home

City and Government Resources