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Community-Based Enrichment and Resource Connections

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Quality of Life

We believe thriving means more than simply improving your skills—it also means opportunities to enjoy yourself in all that life has to offer. These programs are designed to help you discover new interests and re-connect with activities you have enjoyed in the past, but need to adjust given changes in your vision. This is one of our most important roles in helping you shape and refine your goals for independent living.

The VisionLink community also helps you make new personal connections—whether in a support group for those facing similar challenges, casual time with peers in less-structured settings, or social outings and activities.

To participate in one of our enrichment or social programs, contact VisionLink at VisionLinkReferrals@VisionLinkphl.org or (215) 627-0600.

“This is such a gift. Without vision, it’s very hard to find opportunities for joining other people in a class.”

Watch Video of Pennsylvania Ballet Teach Visually Impaired Dancers

Enrichment & Social Programs include:

  • Cultural opportunities with Art-Reach: Enjoy a play, a dance performance, or concert with the VisionLink community. VisionLink’s close relationship with Art-Reach provides access to the richness of the region’s art and cultural organizations and venues.
  • Literacy and literature with the Free Library: Expand your access to one of the city’s most valuable institutions, the Free Library of Philadelphia. VisionLink activities at the Free Library include programs with Philadelphia’s Library for the Blind as well as cooking classes, taught by a professional chef who is blind, with the Culinary Literacy Center.
  • Dance classes in partnership with the Philadelphia Ballet: If you love music, want to learn new dance movements, or simply admire the performing arts, this program is for you. Beyond attending live performances of the renowned Philadelphia Ballet, you will work with a dancer from the company to practice techniques, learn sequences of music, and visualize your movement. You will come away having discovered new ways to enjoy this art form that do not rely on your vision.
  • Low vision support groups
  • Peer mentoring

We are adding new opportunities regularly including:

  • Braille instruction
  • Guest speakers from our community partners
  • Health and nutrition awareness classes in partnership with Jefferson Health

“Looking back at all that I’ve learned and experienced here brings a smile to my face.”

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