Good Works Wednesday: September 8, 2021

Good Works Wednesday

A newsletter celebrating ASB progress, programs and people

At Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we work every day to help individuals build skills and gain access to the information, experiences and resources they need to live the lives they wish to lead. We are an agency for anyone, anywhere on the vision loss continuum and offer education, training, community-based enrichment opportunities and referrals to help them achieve their individual goals.

REMINDER: Free Internet Access with Internet Essentials by Comcast

ASB is continuing to offer FREE internet access to participants through a new partnership with Comcast’s Internet Essentials Partnership Program. Participants can get more information and determine their eligibility by contacting ASB’s Director of Participant Engagement and Outreach, Lexi Jones, at or by calling 267-551-0561.

ASB Accepted into the Unite Us Network – Unite Pennsylvania

ASB was recently accepted into the Unite Us Network – Unite Pennsylvania! This partnership will help ASB find external resources for our participants, widen our network and track referrals to and from ASB. 

The categories of agencies and providers in this network include education, employment, food assistance, housing and shelter, income support, individual and family support, legal, mental/behavioral health, money management, physical health, social enrichment, sports and recreation, substance abuse, transportation, utilities, wellness and benefits navigation.

Learn more about the network by visiting the website here or by contacting our Director of Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Emily Yaskowski, at for more information.

New Participant Orientation Group 

Tom Barbella and Lynn Heitz are leading a new group designed for individuals who have recently completed an ASB Intake Appointment. The group will discuss personal safety, alternative techniques for accomplishing tasks and home management skills. Staff will provide participants with an overview of ASB’s services and discuss commonly accessed community resources. 

This group aims to provide new participants with an opportunity to ask questions, get to know other new participants and ASB staff, and feel welcomed into the organization. This will increase their knowledge of the services available and help reduce any hesitancy around participating in programs. 

To sign up for this new group, participants can contact ASB’s Director of Participant Engagement and Outreach, Lexi Jones, at or by calling 267-551-0561.

ASB is sharing the events below as a courtesy to ASB participants. These are non-ASB events. Please be mindful of any requirements, including COVID-19 requirements, that may apply.

Be Ready! Preparedness Resources 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released new emergency preparedness resources for people living with disabilities. For people living with disabilities and their families, it is important to consider individual circumstances and needs to effectively prepare for emergencies and disasters.

There are four steps individuals can take to be prepared for disasters:

  • Stay Informed
  • Make a Plan
  • Build a Kit
  • Get Involved

People living with disabilities should consider the items they use on a daily basis, as well as life-sustaining items such as medications or batteries for assistive devices.

Find more examples and resources for people living with disabilities in these Preparedness Disaster Preparedness Public Service Announcements (PSAs):

Share with your Communities

You or the participants you work with can share these important messages with your community by using our new Personal Preparedness for People with Disabilities Social Media Toolkit.

Prepare and Protect with a COVID Vaccine

The most important thing individuals can do to prepare for a disaster is to make sure they are vaccinated. Watch and share this new PSA with important information for people with disabilities:

Additional Resources: