Good Works Wednesday: November 11, 2020

Good Works Wednesday: A newsletter celebrating ASB progress, programs and people.

At Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we work every day to help individuals build skills and gain access to the information, experiences, and resources they need to live the lives they wish to lead. We are an agency for anyone, anywhere on the vision loss continuum and offer education, training, community-based enrichment opportunities, and referrals to help them achieve their individual goals.

Welcome to Good Works Wednesday

Welcome to the first edition of ASB’s new employee newsletter, Good Works Wednesday. This is a weekly update on the good work that you, our ASB staff, are doing on behalf of our participants. We intend for this space to be place to share updates on new programs, participant anecdotes and more. Here’s to celebrating our community together!

Let’s Move!

Thank you all for making our virtual movement programming a great success and asset for our participants!

So many of us have felt cooped up at home for so many months now. That’s why it’s been important to create opportunities for our participants to engage with the wellness community through guided movement and exercise classes. YogaHome, that met on Mondays at 11 a.m., led participants through adaptive yoga poses and stretches during a 60 minute Zoom meeting. Another round of the class will begin in January. Mind Body Wellness, in partnership with Jefferson’s School of Pharmacy and the Pennsylvania Ballet, will provide weekly movement, health and nutrition classes every Tuesday through December. This summer, BalletX offered an interactive movement workshop that focused on upper body dance movements for ASB participants. Going forward, we will begin recording sessions like these so that they can be accessed at any time via our website. Our virtual movement programming enables our participants to confidently incorporate movement and exercise into their routines at home.

Please keep our movement-based programs in mind when considering what may be enjoyable and beneficial for the participants you work with.

Board of Directors Update

Four new board members have been elected to ASB’s Board of Directors. Read more about Dr. Jacqueline P. Candido, Alice Donavin Day, Karen L. Graves MBA, MPA and Dr. Ranjoo Prasad here.