Good Works Wednesday: February 11, 2021

Good Works Wednesday

A newsletter celebrating ASB progress, programs and people.

At Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we work every day to help individuals build skills and gain access to the information, experiences and resources they need to live the lives they wish to lead. We are an agency for anyone, anywhere on the vision loss continuum and offer education, training, community-based enrichment opportunities and referrals to help them achieve their individual goals. 

Special Thursday Edition!

Check out an exciting program for ASB participants below.

Audio Program: Understanding and Conserving the World of the Giraffe

We are delighted to be hosting a very special FREE event for ASB participants, learners, staff, donors and friends. On Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. EST, Dr. Michael Brown, a conservationist biologist who is working to translate scientific findings into meaningful conservation strategy, will join us for an audio program called A Tall Order: Understanding and Conserving the World of the Giraffe. Dr. Brown will speak to giraffes as iconic figures on the African landscape. As the world’s tallest animals, they have an incredibly unique biology and interact with their environments in remarkable ways. Despite their charismatic status, scientists have recently documented rapidly declining populations. During this conversation, we will explore the world of the giraffe, from the arid deserts of northern Namibia to the tropical savannahs of Uganda. We will discover the important roles that giraffe play in the diverse and beautiful ecosystems they inhabit across Africa and learn about the ambitious interventions that scientists and conservationists are taking to conserve wild giraffe across Africa.

About Dr. Michael Brown: A conservation ecologist from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Dr. Brown also has a personal connection to the work of ASB. His father is a long-time board member, Kevin Brown, and Dr. Brown is pleased to be able to offer this accessible program as part of ASB’s enrichment curriculum. Dr. Brown’s research on giraffe dwarfism has recently been widely reported on, including coverage in BBC, People Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine and The New York Times.

If any of the participants you work with are interested, please send them this link to register: