Curriculum Working Group FY20-21 Minutes – April 28, 2021

Approved July 15, 2021

ATTENDANCE:  Present:  Ranjoo Prasad (Chairperson), Jackie Candido, Thomas Teesdale, Thomas Wlodkowski; Staff:  Karla McCaney (President & CEO), Beth Deering (Co-Chairperson), Emily Yaskowski

CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL:  Dr. Prasad called the meeting to order, and roll was called.

CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS:  Dr. Prasad welcomed everyone to this meeting of this Working Group.

FY22 Training Model:  Ms. Deering reviewed the presentation attachments that were sent to the Working Group ahead of this meeting.  Ms. Deering noted that the goals are to strengthen programming, increase participant numbers, and to add appropriate staffing when needed.

Goals include increasing the participant numbers by 100% by June 2022, focusing on AT and O&M as premier programs, and reorganizing the Home Management training program.  Dr. Prasad suggested a train-the-trainer aspect in which college students are trained to support the training programs via a volunteer and/or intern basis.

Ms. Deering discussed future programming as being in-person, hybrid, and remote.  When it is safe to provide in-person opportunities, the return to in-person will be based on the current waitlist.  O&M is currently the greatest need, with the plan to offer O&M in-person in July.

Mrs. McCaney discussed the current facility and environment and the steps that are being taken to provide a safe training environment.  Additionally, ASB is pursuing MOUs to work with community partners who have accessible space that can be utilized for ASB training.  Mr. Wlodkowski suggested reaching out to Overbrook for space options.

Ms. Deering shared the staffing needs required to meet these goals in both ASB staff and contracted positions.   Ms. Deering will forward a proposed Job Description to the Working Group for input.



There being no additional business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emily E. Yaskowski, Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives