ASB Special Event Next Week

Join us for a special event!

Audio Program: Understanding and Conserving the World of the Giraffe

We are delighted to be hosting a very special event for ASB participants and learners. On Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. EST, Dr. Michael Brown, a conservationist biologist who studies wildlife ecology and conservation in Africa, will join us for an audio program called A Tall Order: Understanding and Conserving the World of the Giraffe. Dr. Brown will relate his experiences studying these iconic figures of the African landscapes. As the world’s tallest animals, they have an incredibly unique biology and interact with their environments in remarkable ways. Despite their charismatic status, scientists have recently documented rapidly declining populations. During this conversation, we will explore the world of the giraffe, from the arid deserts of northern Namibia to the tropical savannahs of Uganda. We will discover the important roles that giraffe play in the diverse and beautiful ecosystems they inhabit across Africa and learn about the ambitious interventions that scientists and conservationists are taking to conserve wild giraffe across Africa.

About Dr. Michael Brown: Dr. Brown is a conservation ecologist from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Dr. Brown is pleased to be able to offer this accessible program as part of ASB’s enrichment curriculum. 

If you are interested in attending this FREE event, please register here: