ASB Program Schedule: January — March 2021

Dear ASB Participants,

We are excited announce our virtual program schedule for the first quarter of 2021. At ASB, we are so thankful that our new virtual platform has enabled us to establish creative enrichment opportunities, social and support groups, and educational programs based on our participants’ changing needs – and the changing environment that 2020 has brought upon us.

Through our remote programming, you can delve into home management skills, accessible technology, orientation and mobility, and braille reading with our education and training programs. By signing up for our enrichment and support programs, you are connected to others with similar interests to you in Philadelphia’s blind and low-vision community. All of our programs are accessible through a call-in number or through Zoom video chat.

While you review the schedule, we hope you are able to find a program or topic that interests you. As we journey into the new year, consider exploring a new program and connecting with new participants in the ASB community, or sign up for one of your favorites!

If you are interested in signing up for any of these programs or would like to learn more about how to get involved with ASB, please contact our Participant Navigator, Lexi Jones, at We look forward to connecting in the new year!


Beth Deering
Chief Program Officer

Education & Training Programs:

iPhone and Computer Instruction
Beginner and Advanced iPhone and Computer Instruction is offered in a small group setting. iPhone instruction will teach the basic skills for using your phone with VoiceOver and gestures. Computer instruction will teach the basic skills for using your computer with JAWS. Or sharpen the skills you already have in the advanced class!

Sign up for a Technology Instruction class on Mondays & Thursdays, or Tuesdays & Fridays.

iOS VoiceOver Accessible App Workshops
A variety of iPhone App Workshops will be offered throughout the year in a small group setting. Check back frequently for the latest app workshops schedule.

  • Seeing AI (Tuesdays from Jan. 5 — March 23): Independently read mail, printed documents, product barcodes, identify money and more.
  • Amazon, Instacart & Walmart (Tuesdays or Wednesdays from Jan. 5 — March 24): Shop online and have anything you desire delivered right to your front door.
  • BARD & Newsline (Wednesdays or Thursdays from Jan. 6 — March 25): Listen to or read books, magazines and newspapers from all over the world.
  • AIRA & Be My Eyes (Thursdays from Jan. 7 — March 25): Sighted assistance anytime, anywhere for any task you can imagine

Orientation without Mobility
This class will enable the participant to learn to mentally map a route to and from any destination within the city using compass directions. While walking or using public transit, this knowledge will enable a person, sighted or not, to maintain their direction and recover any misdirection they make.

Sign up for a Orientation without Mobility class on Mondays or Thursdays.

Braille Instruction
Braille lessons offer an opportunity for students to learn the Unified English Braille code and increase their braille fluency. Braille lessons allow students to work on reading and writing, which helps them become more independent and employable.

Sign up for a Braille Instruction class on Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays & Fridays.

Home Management

Home management workshops are 1-hour group sessions where up to 10 participants will discuss strategies and learn techniques to live more independently. Each workshop will focus on a specific topic area of home management. 

The following classes will occur during the weeks of: 1/4/21, 2/1/21, 3/1/21

  • Basic Housekeeping Skills (Monday & Thursday)
  • Banking Services & Using Cash (Monday & Thursday)
  • Medication Management (Tuesday & Friday)
  • Labeling (Tuesday & Friday)

The following classes occur during the weeks of: 1/11/21, 2/8/21, 3/8/21

  • Grocery Shopping (Monday & Thursday)
  • Time Keeping (Monday & Thursday)
  • Laundry (Tuesday & Friday)
  • Color Coordination (Tuesday & Friday)

The following classes occur during the weeks of: 1/18/21, 2/15/21, 3/15/21

  • Calculators (Monday & Thursday)
  • Handwriting (Monday & Thursday)
  • Hand Sewing & Simple Repair (Tuesday & Friday)
  • Eating Out with Confidence (Tuesday & Friday)

Enrichment & Support Programs:

60 Minutes to Better Self Care: Want to learn how to improve your health during COVID-19 and beyond? Join this group to learn about different health and wellness topics, including access to helpful resources!
AARP: Want to learn the latest news for the Silver Panthers? Join this group to see how AARP is working for you.
Comedy Club: Like to laugh? Listen to your favorite ASB comedian! Laugh along as group members share jokes, and vote on who should receive encore performances.
Diabetes Information & Support: Learn about ways you can keep your diabetes under control, how this disease affects your body, and how to eat sensibly and still enjoy what you are eating.
Garden Club: Enjoy growing your own herbs or delving into horticulture? Participants in this group will receive a garden kit and work together in the assembly and growing of herbs that can be used in your favorite recipes.
History Club: The auditory book, A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, will be played for the consideration of the participants. Zinn analyzes information from letters, diaries and legal records from various time periods to discuss the lasting impact of historical figures. Currently, the book will cover America’s history from the 1900’s to the present.
Keeping Up with the Times: Feeling isolated? Not aware of what is happening outside? Join this group for lively discussions on COVID-19, social distancing and what is happening in the world around you. This group is in partnership with the Free Library!
Men’s Peer Support Group: Having difficulty talking with friends and family about your loss of vision? Join this group and share thoughts and ideas with peers.
Remember When: Are you over the age of 70? Would you like to share what your life was like growing up and how many changes in technology have you seen throughout your lifetime? Join us and share your stories. 
Speaker Series: ASB will welcome professionals from health care and other fields to speak to our participants for an hour about topics that are important to health and welfare, finance, legal assistance and much more! 
Story Circle: Listen to an exciting array of current stories and enjoy a lively discussion.
Story Telling: Learn about different types of stories and experiment in writing your own.
Trivia: Test your knowledge and have fun at the same time. This is an exciting way to keep your mind stimulated and learn a variety of tidbits to share with your friends.
Yoga For All: Get your blood flowing with this exciting program! No previous experience required and experienced Yogi’s are welcome.
Women’s Peer Support Group: Join this group to discuss issues facing women who are blind or visually impaired.


  • Storytelling (Jan. 4 — March 22)
  • Yoga for All (Jan. 11 — March 1)
  • Trivia (Ongoing weekly)


  • Story Circle (Ongoing weekly)
  • History Club (Ongoing weekly)
  • Diabetes Info & Support (Feb. 2 — April 22)


  • Comedy Club (Ongoing weekly)
  • 60 Minutes to Self-Care (Ongoing weekly)
  • Garden Club (Feb. 2 — April 22)


  • Women’s Peer Support (Jan 7 — March 4)
  • Remember When (Ongoing weekly)
  • Men’s Peer Support (Jan. 1 — March 4)
  • AARP (Ongoing Weekly)


  • Speaker Series (Ongoing weekly)
  • Keeping up with the Times (Ongoing weekly)